The Center for International Peace and Security Studies

**I no longer run CIPSS, but this page shows what the organization did under our tenure**

Co-Directors Emeriti: Dr. Lindsay P. Cohn and Dr. Laura Janik Marusov


CIPSS is a forum for UNI undergraduates interested in issues of international security, economics, development, and organizations. We encourage students to read the news, talk about international issues, engage in research, volunteer work, or study abroad, and pursue any interests they may have in working in international governance, economics, or development. Below are some of our activities to date; our schedule for Fall 2012 will be posted soon.

If you are an interested UNI student OR ALUM, please find us on Facebook and join! We encourage alumni/ae to join and share their experiences with current students.


Announcing SIPSS!!

Students at UNI have stepped up to continue the programming Dr. Janik and I have led for the last three years, as we will both be absent next year. Students for International Peace and Security Studies will ensure that UNI students continue to stay interested in, get involved in, discuss, and research international affairs. If you are interested in joining the group and/or the discussion, please join our Facebook group, UNI CIPSS.


Previous Speakers

Mrs. Hasina Waziri, representing the Shine Welfare Organization for Human Development, on her work for and with the women of Afghanistan (especially widows)

Ellen Kennedy, founder of World Without Genocide, on Burma: Democracy or Genocide?

Hillery Roach, UNI alumna and graduate student at the American University in Cairo, on Egypt in Transition: Politics and Experiences of the Uprising

Thomas Schnoell, Austrian Consul-General, on the Future of the Euro-Zone

Gregory S. Gordon, Director of the University of North Dakota Center for Human Rights & Genocide Studies, on Current Issues in International Law and Justice (co-sponsored by the UNI Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education)

Brian Janik, Special Agent, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, US Department of State, on his experiences as a lawyer in the private sector and his work in the federal government



US-China Relations

Students did research and spoke on various aspects of the US-China relationship, to include issues of security, economics, human rights, and the environment.

Spectrum of Security

Students did research and spoke on several perspectives on the meaning of "security", including traditional military security, human security, food security, cyber security, and water security.

Foreign Policy in an Age of Austerity

Students did research and spoke on various foreign policy issues and how to prioritize them, including human rights, security, energy/environment, and others.


Writing a Research Paper

Beyond Study Abroad: Work, Volunteer, and Intern outside the USA

What to Do After University? Job options, graduate school, and more

How to Look/Apply for Jobs and Internships with the Federal Government


Discussions, Films, and Other Events

UNI STAND: Tents of Witness exhibit - Each tent will be dedicated to informing the public about a different tragedy: Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur, Argentina, and Native Americans

Oxfam Hunger Banquet (co-sponsored by the Global Studies major and the Political Science Society)

Discussion: Democracy in the Middle East?

Discussion: Libya: No Fly Zone?

Discussion: Crisis in Syria

Film: Crude Impact - fossil fuels and security, the environment, and international justice

Film: The Hunt for Red October - security dilemma, nuclear proliferation

Film: Charlie Wilson's War - intervention in foreign conflicts, the war in Afghanistan

Film: The Siege - counter-terrorism, civil-military relations, US foreign policy

Film: The Kingdom - international counter-terror cooperation, US-Saudi relations, domestic Saudi politics