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Courses Taught 

Civil-Military Relations, Elective (with Jessica Blankshain), U.S. Naval War College, Spring 2015

Security Strategies (International Security), National Security Decision Making course, U.S. Naval War College, Winter 2014-2015

Politics of the Middle East (Senior Seminar), University of Northern Iowa, Fall 2012

Terrorism, University of Northern Iowa, Fall 2011

US Foreign Policy, University of Northern Iowa, Spring 2012, 2012

War and Peace/International Security, University of Northern Iowa, Fall 2009, 2012

International Relations (Seminar for University Honors Program), University of Northern Iowa, Fall 2012, Spring 2012

International Relations, University of Northern Iowa, Fall 2009-present

Civil-Military Relations in Developed Democracies (seminar in German), Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Winter 2004/05

American Civil-Military Relations (seminar in English), Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Summer 2004

International Law and International Politics (TA to Robert O. Keohane, PhD), Duke University, Fall 2003

International Law and International Politics (TA to Catherine Admay, JD), Duke University, Fall 2001


Thesis/Exam Committees

Boris Nikoltchev, UNI, MA in Political Geography (2011), Thesis Committee member

Dennis McNamara, UNI, MPP (2010), Exam Committee member


Independent Studies and Independent Research Supervised

Kevan Hudson (UNI) - Policy and Intelligence Analysis, Spring 2013

Clif White (UNI) - supervised readings on energy, environment, and international public policy, Spring 2013

Kellie Petersen (UNI) - Senior Honors Thesis on institutional and social approaches to reducing feelings of alienation among immigrants, AY 2012-2013

Jordan Bancroft-Smithe (UNI) - Senior Honors Thesis on Hannah Arendt, AY 2012-2013

Chris Apling (UNI) - Comparative Civil-Military Relations, Fall 2012

Majda Sarkic (UNI) - War and Peace in the Middle East/North Africa (policy paper), Spring 2012

Jorgen Rose (UNI) - Negotiation with Terrorist Organizations (research paper presented at the UNI College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Student Research Conference), Spring 2012

Ramon Cantú (UNI) - Gangs, Cartels, and Terrorists (research paper), AY 2011-2012

Kelsey Whiting (UNI) - Rwanda genocide, Terrorism in Chechnya (research posters presented at MPSA Meeting, Chicago), 2011, 2012

Tim Tolliver, Chris Apling, and Alex Zenor (UNI) - Policy and Intelligence Analysis, Spring 2011

Sean Lenihan (UNI) - Turkish Civil-Military Relations (research paper accepted for presentation at the International Political Science Association (IPSA) Research Committee on Armed Forces and Society (RC 24) Triennial Conference, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, June 2011), Fall 2010

Matt Ludemann (UNI) - US Foreign Policy, Spring 2010


Teaching Interests

International Relations: Security and Strategy, Asymmetric Conflict, Warfare

International Law/Law of War/Humanitarian Law

Civil-Military Relations

Foreign and Defense Policy

Philosophy of Science/research design